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Guided by a strong desire to import a piece of their homeland in Milan’s heart, the Terenzio brothers’ entrepreneurial initiative sparked in Milan back in 2013. Panzarotti constantly monitors its client’s tastes thanks to the uncountable stuffing combinations chosen from first class products available on the territory. Along with the filled Panzarotto tailored to meet individual preferences, you may add any of the many carefully selected beers originating in more than 100 different Countries. Panzarotti, next to Bocconi University, immediately became a great landmark for all Street Food lovers.


Panzarotti aims to rediscover and valorize bits of the Pugliese cuisine as it reinvents the traditional Panzarotti (or Panzerotto) by means of top quality, first class ingredients. It proposes a quick break to enjoy thanks to the variety of stuffing combinations and the ability to pair up alongside a Panzarotto the most iconic beverage loved by the entire world: beer. Panzarotti provides its customers with more than a 100 beers from all over the World. Panzarotti’s philosophy “prohibits forbidding” as any nutrient, in the right amount, can contribute to one’s health and well-being.


Panzarotti engaged into team-spirit building with employees since its birth. Slowly, the members became a small team able to work harmoniously in a relaxed and informal atmosphere.


An “Atypical Franchise”, based on training rather than standardization.
All the basic production processes will be performed in each shop.

Opening hours

From Monday to Friday
12:00 – 15:00
18:00 – 22:00
12:00 – 15:00

Sundays we rest!

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Viale Bligny 1 (Bocconi zone) – Milano

Tel. : 02 4537 7380

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